Vegas Sunset Bracelet- Little Beads

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A Vegas sunset.

This bracelet features sterling silver findings and cat eye beads made from spun glass fibers fused together to create a little glimmer of light in the middle.

The gradient of this bracelet is made from a rainbow assortment of beads I bought while living next to a gem and mineral store in Las Vegas in 2018. Vegas was sunny, shimmery, and manmade. These beads are a manmade product of spinning glass fibers into colorful glimmering spheres. In the gem and mineral store, the string of beads had every color of the rainbow mixed together (one red, then a blue, then an orange, then a yellow). 

By methodically picking different colors out of the glimmery mishmash to make a gradient, we have a Vegas sunrise you can wear on your wrist.

Bracelet fits 6.75-8 in. If you need anything larger, just write a note and I am more than happy to add more lead chain.