Square Knot Necklace

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I used to use a square knot to tie a piece of rope around my wrist to keep handy for any boating rope emergencies. I used it more times than you would think! Because of that I always associate square knots with luck. Wear this necklace when you need some luck; which if you're like me, it will become an everyday staple. Feel free to retie the square knot as tight or loose as you like! All it takes is tying a knot right over left, then another left over right. These necklaces are meant to be layered, so do some color paletting and layer it up!

-Beaded by hand in Austin, TX

-15” long when tied, but you can retie it to be up to 18” long

-Materials: glass beads, pearls, silver plated clasp, thread

Note: Please check and make sure that 15-18” fits comfortably around your neck before ordering. This necklace does not have a chain extender as to not tangle when layered with other necklaces. Contact me if you would like a custom length!